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Message from the World Meeting Chair

Welcome to the XVII UIP World Congress, hosted by the American College of Phlebology (ACP) on September 8-13, 2013 in the Hynes Convention Center, a world-class facility in historic Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


In planning this important meeting, our goal has been to present the most extensive and comprehensive scientific meeting of the UIP ever convened. The work of Program and Scientific Committees, as well as of the ACP staff, has been to bring together world experts to address the full spectrum of topics in the field of phlebology, to provide the most up-to-date scientific information available. For the first time, all plenary sessions will feature simultaneous translation into Spanish. Additionally, translators will be available in the convention center to help non-English speakers navigate their way to their destinations and activities.


Throughout the week, attendees will enjoy opportunities to meet and reunite with colleagues from around the world. We have put together a fun social program too, since there is much to see and enjoy around pedestrian-friendly Boston during colorful autumn in New England. After consultation with our industry supporters in Monaco, the Program Committee has planned a free afternoon for Wednesday September 11. And also make sure you don’t miss the spectacular gala dinner on Thursday evening, September 12.


Updates and featured segments of the program will be regularly posted and sent electronically to apprise you of all that is in store at UIP XVII World Congress. On behalf of the American College of Phlebology, I extend a warm welcome and look forward to seeing you, your family, and your friends in Boston in September.



Best Regards,


Nick Morrison, MD, FACS, FACPh, RPhS

President, UIP XVII World Congress

Vice-President, North American Region, UIP







Message from the UIP President

Approaching is one of the most important moments of my presidency of UIP: the XVII World Congress in Boston (USA).


The UIP conferences, which are held every four years, represent the most important scientific event for phlebology worldwide and are eagerly awaited by all practicing phlebologists – the young and the more experienced.


Phlebology is a specialty booming around the world, attracting the attention of multiple branches of medicine ranging from cardiac surgeons from great centers to general practitioners in small communities.


This is due to the extremely high incidence of venous pathologies as well as the social and economic impact of these diseases that represent a formidable burden to the people in daily activities, reducing or even completely negating the ability to work in their most productive years of life.


The choice for the seat of the XVII World Congress fell in the city of Boston, MA. This city is one of major cultural and scientific centers of the world with its famous University (Harvard) and technology centers (MIT). Historically, it played a key role in the desire for the Independence of America with its famous episode of “The Boston Tea Party” that helped give rise to the formation of the great American Nation. It is also well known worldwide for its tourist attractions.


Dr. Nick Morrison and the American College of Phlebology staff are doing a great job to offer an unforgettable stay in Boston, both from a scientific standpoint as well as a social and cultural one.


As President of the UIP, I’m very happy to invite you to attend this important scientific event. I wish a happy stay in Boston to all participants of this congress.



Many thanks and greetings to all,


Angelo Scuderi, MD

President of the UIP