Fishing guide

The several styles of fishing, guided for beginners

The guide is a seasoned fisherman. Fishing with a guide will be successful because they have years of experience on the Adelaide River, especially close to our camp.There are around 30 spots near our camp alone that the fishing guide is familiar with. In order to guide anglers to the optimal pool, he will consider the weather, the fish's habits, and their activity in previous days.The angels from all over the world get along well with our guides. In addition to many foreign visitors, including Americans, British, French, Japanese, Germans, and even South African fisherman, we frequently host visitors from Sydney. There are no issues with the language barrier.

How is the guided fishing

The guide and the visitor decide together which location to visit in the evening. We travel there after breakfast. Typically, guided fishing occurs in a single area every day. You do not need to go back to the camp for lunch because our cooks prepare lunches for guests in the form of lunch boxes that include main courses, desserts, tea, and coffee. Delivery is made by car if the location is far from the camp. Boats are also present in our fishing camp, and parties can go down the Adelaide River using them if necessary.

You will have a fishing guide with you during every step of planning and fishing. Its services consist of:

assisting with the selection of equipment and bait; transporting visitors to the fishing spot; teaching guests how to catch Atlantic salmon; helping them play fish; taking pictures and videos of visitors holding their prizes.


Why is fishing with a fishing guide more convenient?

We could go on and on about the benefits of fishing with an expert, but there are a few that are irrefutable, making fishing with a guide the most practical choice.

individual strategy Do you have favorite places? Would you rather switch up your fishing location every day? Which would you prefer—fishing with a lovely view or going to the pool, where you could return later? The fishing guide will take into account all of your requests if rotation permits. You will enjoy fishing to the fullest because it will be focused on you.
a training. The greatest option for beginning anglers is guided fishing. You will learn the necessary skills and have access to information from an authority who will become a valuable resource.
Prized fish

Even seasoned fishermen who go guided fishing are continuously learning new things because specialists are completely knowledgeable about fishing in a certain area in any kind of weather. A specialist will be present at each stage to ensure that you can catch the desired fish.

 Sea fishing

Important! You need to obtain permission from the border patrol to go fishing at sea. Like other times of the year, a boat and its captain must be registered in order to fish in the sea. The license is good for a full year. The border station will need to be contacted at least four hours before any future marine voyages. The number of the boat, the reason for traveling to sea, the route, and the number of persons will all be asked of you. Then, you must make direct contact with the border patrol twice more: when leaving and returning to land.